Dogging in the UK

21 of April 2012

dogging uk

See Lyndsy shagging outdoors

You couldn’t really have a British swingers blog without mentioning dogging because lets face it us swinging Brits invented it!! If you don’t know what is dogging then you really must get out more. Dogging is basically a pastime combining outdoor swinging, exhibitionism and voyeurism. Swinging couples or solo doggers meet up at established dogging locations typically secluded car parks to put on sex shows that doggers can watch and join in.

Busty swinger Lyndsy had been into gang bangs for about 4 years before she decided to try her hand at dogging!! She is now a true dogging convert and uses her website Dogging All Hours to show off her dogging exploits aswell as locating members who fancy joining her for an al fresco shag. If you fancy finding out how filthy Lyndsy is her number’s at her website and she’s only too happy to meet. Just don’t wear her out!!


Essex swinger sex party

21 of April 2012

essex swinger sex party

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Wow talk about a sausage party!! Busty Essex swinging MILF Kim is something of a British swinging celebrity having become infamous overnight thanks to the News of The Screws exposing her Essex pub orgy sessions. I think if I described bubbly bisexual mature swinger Kim’s sex life as varied I’d be understating the case. Kim is quite simply in a swinging league of her own and although she’s now unbelievably a grandma she shows no signs of slowing down. Over the years she’s captured both her own and friends amateur swinging exploits on film and having been exposed by the press is now sharing her collection with the world through her site Kim’s Amateurs. If you want real filthy hardcore amateur British porn this is a site you must visit.